We offer wilderness tours, charters, and adventures. We all have an idea of what the Alaskan wilderness is like.

Wilderness is shaped by the forces of nature. Alaska is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. From the deep fjords to the jagged peaks, and the expanse of ice, forest and water in between, this is also home to unique cultures. Nature and people together, shaped by the forces of nature. Iconic wildlife, vast landscapes, fascinating people.

Alaska Native people rely on the land for “subsistence.” This is deeper than just hunting, fishing, gathering. Subsistence refers to a deep connection with the land and culture. Many Alaskans hunt, fish, and gather food on public lands as well and enjoy the rich connection to the land that these activities provide.

The wild country of Alaska is home to iconic wildlife, including whales and brown bears. These animals are here because Alaska still has the functioning ecosystems and healthy wild salmon to sustain them.

We bring specific tools, skills and conservative decision-making to stay comfortable in an outdoor environment. On our tours, your guide will ensure that you have appropriate equipment and help create reasonable expectations for the day.

If you’re headed out on a custom charter we’re happy to offer recommendations but we expect that you have your own skills, equipment and judgement to enjoy the wilderness experience.

Our mission is to get away from the crowds. We focus on personalized small group tours and wilderness trips to help you have the most rewarding Alaskan experience. For 100 years, seaplanes have been a key tool for exploring the Great Land.

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