Harsh, dramatic weather is part of the beauty of Alaska. The cloud draped mountains, rich forests, glaciers are all products of the weather that blows in from the wild North Pacific and defines this landscape. In the summer, expect cool and wet weather. Dressing many light layers gives you options to manage whatever the day throws at you. Full rain gear, jacket and pants is key. You’ll see many Alaskans working and playing in rubber boots.

We take a conservative approach to weather and work closely with Alaska Seaplanes to assess safe flying conditions. If the weather isn’t safe or will prevent us from operating the trip, we will issue a refund. If changing weather requires us to shorten a trip for safety we are unable to offer a refund. We operate our water-based flights under “Visual Flight Rules,” which are conditions allowing visual navigation. Alaska Seaplanes aircraft also utilize ADS-B avionics technology, as an additional safety tool allowing pilots to fly with a moving GPS map which continually depicts the plane’s proximity to terrain and other aircraft.

Rain: We frequently fly in the rain, no problem! On our bear tours, we’ll ensure than you have appropriate rain gear for the day.

The air is typically very smooth. Since our temperatures are typically constant, it is uncommon to have very bumpy air.

Clear Sunny Days are infrequent, amazing, and glorious. If your trip falls on a clear day, sit back, and enjoy the views.

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