Life in southeastern Alaska is rich and many wouldn’t live anywhere else. We are inspired by our neighbors; by close-knit communities; by Alaska Native values; by our friends and families. Summer is a time for adventures, work, gathering food. We explore the wild, we harvest fish, deer, and berries, we work hard under the midnight sun. In the fall and winter, potlucks are a common activity, gathering with friends to share the bounty of food gathered, caught, and harvested. In spring, longer days have us excited to do it all again.

Juneau is our home base and the capitol of the State of Alaska. Perched between the Inside Passage and the Juneau Icefield, Juneau is famous for its glaciers, including the Mendenhall which flows right into town. Juneau is the traditional home of the Tlingit tribes, Aak’w Kwaan and T’aaku Kwaan and is a thriving hub of Alaska Native culture. Juneau is southeast Alaska’s largest town and a regional hub. Alaska Seaplanes is proud to serve the communities of Northern Southeast.

Sitka, perched on the edge of the Ring of Fire and North Pacific, is the traditional home of the Tlingit tribe Shee T’ika Kwaanour, and is our secondary hub. From Sitka, we offer scheduled service to Juneau, Petersburg, Kake and Klawock. We now offer a sea plane base, serving lodges and independent adventurers like you.

We’re committed to having a positive impact both locally and globally. All of our tours include a carbon offset with either the Sitka or Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. These funds help low-income families in Juneau convert from expensive diesel to efficient, carbon-free heat pumps. Your trip will have a neutral carbon impact and a positive legacy in our community.

Every town in southeast Alaska has a unique character. Perched along rocky shorelines, many of these towns have been Native settlements since time immemorial.

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